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march 2016

Exposition from 2 till 14 march EYE museum Amsterdam

Theme: Entertainment, leisure and boredom. A highlight around the subject of how new technology influenced the way work and free-time are defined.


‘Shadow Play’ invites visitors to make creative shadow images with their bodies. Other visitors can save and share the creations by taking photo’s or videos of the shadow images.
The installation explores the boundaries between: rules and freedom, creativity and social behavior, cooperation and fun, public sharing and privacy.
The definition of entertainment is ‘the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.’ Does that mean people have to be instructed on how to entertain themselves or are they able to decide their own way of being entertaint?

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Introduction video for new employees of Funworks company.  The most modern, innovative and social orientated company ever.
After becoming a team member at our company, work will never be the same again.