Why a box?

The basis of my work is always that I get fascinated by a subject because it has a obstacle or problem. In my eyes it is like a complex mechanical puzzle, or like a big ball of twisted yarn. To understand the centre or essence of the subject I first disassemble the puzzle around it, by researching the subject extensively.

Talking with a wide range of people about elements of the subject that cached my eye helps me understand about knowledge and visions that different people have about the subject. At the end of my research there is a moment where it becomes clear to me what part of the subject my art is going to be about. This often comes forth out of the wish to highlight the subject in a different way, give new knowledge or present the subject from different angels.

I find it very important that the art gives the audience space to develop their own opinions, truths and ideas on the subject. Then the second part of the puzzle begins, reassembling. Because the art is build around the subject and the essence that I highlight, there are no restrictions to medium, technique, form or style for the art. What I like most about that, is that it gives me the opportunity to combine multiple art techniques, forms, styles and mediums into one, tailored to each new subject or project.

foto: Margreet van Hemmen